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Since the Renaissance, students of art have developed their drawing skills by depicting the human figure. In this foundation course, you will explore line, shape and composition through gesture sketches and longer poses.

Ren-Wil began operating in 1967 and has advanced to become Canada’s leading producer of framed artwork, offering a line of over 2,500 pictures, mirrors, and lamps. Thousands of framed pictures and mirrors are produced each week in their modern manufacturing facility, which are …

The Teen Take on the Teeny Awards. The Teeny Awards, an annual ceremony run by TeenTix to honor their partner organizations and art’s collision with teens in the Seattle community, is something of a mecca for the artistically inclined youth in the area.

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This release is intended to discharge in advance Renaissance Art Center, its officials, officers, employees, volunteers and agents from liability, even though that liability may arise out of perceived negligence on the part of persons mentioned above.

CONTACTS Please contact one of the individuals listed below, with their (ren). TEEN PARENT SERVICES GOALS and SERVI ES: To assist teen parents in meeting high college To help the teen parents cope effectively with the responsibilities and stresses of pregnancy and/or

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Emergency Contact Because the ArtCenter for Teens office is closed on Saturdays, in the event of an emergency involving an ArtCenter for Teens student, please contact campus security at 626.396.2211.

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This was our first year at Renaissance and attended both classes and a summer camp. My attended was happy with the instructors, projects and class choices. As a parent, I was delighted by the classes offered, availability, very helpful staff, and a hassle-free registration.

© Ren Gallery , All Rights Reserved *Refunds are provided if art work is still in original condition. All refunds need to be requested within 5 days of purchase

Contact Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes for Adults and ren. Studios Throughout Southern California. 1-800-430-4ART

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If the pregnant or parenting teen and her/his (ren) cannot safely return to the home of the teen’s parent(s) or legal guardian, the CSW must determine if the pregnant or parenting teen and her/his (ren) can remain safely in their current living arrangement (for example a teen parent is living with her manfriend or her manfriend’s family).

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