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Marcia Cross Natural Redhead

There are just a handful of natural redheads in Hollywood – many of whom are proud mamas! See which beautiful celebrity moms have naturally red locks, after the jump. Marcia Cross 1 of 12

Oct 30, 2006 · If you were wondering if that fierce head of red hair on Marcia Cross was the real thing, now there’s proof. Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt claims …

MARCIA CROSS Age: 46 Actress, mom of twins Eden and Savannah and natural redhead “With the red hair, you get the white skin; it’s a package deal.

Aug 28, 2008 · Marcia Cross and Julianne Moore are natural redheads, completely 100% natural. That’s not to say they never enhance their color, but it’s red.

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When it comes to hair color, redheads tend to stand out. Call it a scientific phenomenon — some people are just fascinated with redheads. It’s no surprise that people covet a gorgeous red mane

She’s the most gorgeous redhead I’ve ever seen (and yes, she is a natural redhead, though she died her hair blond for Spiderman 3). June 16, 2009 @ 11:26 pm Michael Marcia Cross has a great head of hair but I’ve never found her to be “hot” per se.

The highest percentage of natural redheads in the world is in Scotland (13%), followed closely by Ireland with 10%. In the US, about 2% of the population are natural redheads. The country name of Russia means “land of reds” in honor of a redheaded Viking by the name of Rurik.

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Rose gold is the new blonde phenomenon sweeping the red carpets and salons world wide! It provides soft rose warmth to any blonde canvas with a neutral warmth, leaving hair a natu

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Marcia Cross Natural Redhead 115

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Hollywood Redheads: Natural & Not. 1 of 21 Amy Adams may be known for her signature strawberry hue, but the multiple Oscar nominee is a natural blonde! 3 of 21 Getty Images. British pop star Ed Sheeran is an all-natural ginger. Ginger-haired Marcia Cross is …

A hint of brown mixed in with copper warms Marcia Cross’s look right up—without the addition of highlights: "The biggest mistake any redhead can make is overhighlighting," he says.

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