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Yo momma jokes fit every situation and if you know a lot of funny yo mamma jokes, then no one can stand in your way. So enjoy your momma jokes and find new ways to insult your friends.

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All of the jokes you’re about to read are most definitely not about your beloved mom, who is beyond reproach and the best human being who ever existed. To be honest, we’re not even sure why we’re publishing all of these yo mama jokes.

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yo momma so dumb she put paper on the tv ad called it paper view submitted by: tommyschenkman Yo mama is so fat, it took 3 years for Nationwide to get on her side.

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The best Yo mama jokes. Yo momma so ugly she threw a boomerang and it refused to come back. Vote: share joke. Joke has 82.35 % from 7576 votes. More jokes about: insulting, ugly, Yo mama. Yo Mamas so stupid she was yelling into the mailbox. We ask her whats she doing and she said, she was sending a …

The #1 Best-Selling Yo Momma Joke Book! All yo momma jokes are easy to find by each chapter: Yo momma is so fat… Yo momma is so skinny… Yo momma is so old…

Jul 02, 2014 · Yo mama so poor she chases after the garbage truck with a shopping list (Wreck-It Ralph) 68. Yo mama so stupid she threw water at the computer to put out a flame war

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Yo mama Jokes, including yo mama so fat, yo mama so stupid, so poor, so ugly, so nasty, so lazy, so tall, so bald, and many more yo mama jokes.

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“Yo mama jokes” are hilarious and will crack you up. Even though we all have a mother we love and care about, these jokes are just too good to throw out. You can use these jokes on your friends, just make sure they don’t take this serious, use one or more of these, yo mama jokes and watch their reactions.

Yo Mama Jokes – A page solely dedicated to yo mama jokes. Skinny or stupid, rich or poor, old or lazy and ugly yo mama jokes. Find them all here

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